Bathroom design guide for tips and advice in building new or redesigning existing bathrooms including step by step guides, design ideas and an online virtual bathroom planner tool.
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Bathroom Design Guide

The Bathroom Design Guide has been produced to help when building or re-designing a bathroom or en-suite. It includes useful information such as bathroom design ideas, a simple step by step guide which explains the basics of bathroom design, an online bathroom planner, ideas of inspiration, and additional information on safety and plumbing for your bathroom.

Design Ideas

Before purchasing the products for a bathroom, look at the design and style options available. Looking through the design ideas, think about lifestyle and how the bathroom fits in with this. Is there a young family for example, or elderly relatives to consider, or just the simple pleasures of relaxing in the bathroom?

Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to look at the first steps to planning the bathroom? The step by step guide has information on planning & flooring, building regulations (if required) and then 10 easy steps to help start the project. Consideration to plumbing & heating along with safety in the bathroom may need to be thought about at this stage.


During the process of planning a bathroom, look at the various products available to appreciate the styles that may fit within the design. The Bathroom Design Guide introduces a variety of ranges, both traditional and contemporary for:

baths bidets
showers accessories
sinks taps
toilets towel rails

However, there are additional sites that focus specifically on these products with extensive details available; see Bathroom Products, Showers and Accessories and Bathroom Accessories for more information.

Bathroom Planner

Armed with the dimensions of the room, drag and drop products into the bathroom planner. Print out the layout of the new bathroom and take it to a local supplier.

Inspirational Ideas

When looking for ideas and inspiration, there is a wealth of information that goes beyond the basics of layout and function and focus on relaxation and rejuvenation, colour, well being and wellness, style, and the finishing touches for the bathroom. Available here are hints and tips, a gallery of bathroom styles and ranges and information on lighting, tiling and dressing the bathroom.

Additional information

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance please contact us.

Click on bathroom suppliers for a list of your nearest local suppliers of quality shower and shower accessories throughout the uk.


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